Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blood On The Amps: Rock, Punk And Metal In Horror Films Part 1

Carole Pope & Rough Trade "Revenge" [from "Deadline" - 1980]


Since the beginning of the New Year, The Doctor has been revisiting several 70's and 80's horror films that feature either performances from rock, punk and metal bands or said bands in a starring role. Several of these clips were posted over at the "Rock and/or Roll" Facebook page, but I thought that it would be fun to go into a bit greater depth and make it an ongoing feature here on the blog.

First up, a band that I was previously unaware of until randomly catching the clip posted below out of context from the main film. Canadian group Carole Pope and Rough Trade had a long history dating back to the late 60's before turning to punk and new wave, even crossing paths with legendary John Waters regular Divine! (more about their history can be found HERE)

I am currently in the midst of absorbing their 1980 album "Avoid Freud", which is not as punk in sound as the song "Revenge", but does have a few rawer numbers. The album actually has a weird early 80's New York new wave/art rock vibe about it, which reminds me of Laurie Anderson and Nina Hagen (yes, I know that Nina Hagen is from Germany), but not as far out as those performers. Perhaps something in a parallel orbit to the film "Liquid Sky" (1982). Still, definitely off kilter and interesting. There is still plenty of punk attitude to be found, including controversial lyrics and subject matter, as evidenced in songs such as "High School Confidential" and "What's The Furor About The Fuhrer?". Worth a listen!

"Deadline", a Canadian horror production from '79/'80, was shelved until 1984. A VHS rip of the film can be found below for those interested in the full context of the band's scene. Regardless, the song "Revenge" stands on it's own. Insanely catchy, with an extra crunchy guitar riff and plenty of negative feeling, you'll be replaying this one over and over FOR DAYS.

A more in depth analysis of the film itself can be found right over HERE at The Bloody Pit Of Horror blog.

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